Leeay Rirouz

Oriental Dance artsit & Fusion


She discovered Oriental dance in 2008 and got her training with professional dancers and choreographer: Anasma, Dalia Carella and Ranya Renée in New York City. She has showed her talent in many aspects and a great deal of dedication to the study of Egyptian dance, and has even extend her studies to other countries. She has shown interest and seriousness in working towards a better understanding of the Arabic Oriental dance aesthetic and folkloric forms, and readily seeks out and adapts to constructive criticism in an effort to improve as a dancer and a performer. She has also worked in parallel fashion to express herself as a fusion dance artist, incorporating influences from different bellydance styles. She separates her stylistic practices so that she can do justice to each, and shows her concern for all respect towards achieving artistry that is true to its genre and allows her to highlight different aspects of her character. She also designs and makes her own costumes and illustrate her talent as a visual artist as well as a dancer. She always considers the background of Arabic Oriental dance and other types of dance with regard to tradition, history, roots and culture.

She spares no effort improving her skills and gaining experiences as a dancer and a performer. To gain more knowledge and learn new experiences, she is ready to travel around the world.


After finishing her full life in New York City, she moved to Paris in 2015. She has looked for developing her style with Arabic professional dancers and choreographers: Djamila Henni-Chebra, Kareem GaD and Mayodi. Also she has put particular emphasis on practical experiences and teacher's training. It is highly appreciated that we are able to dance and express Arabic Oriental dance from various angles for us, that is foreign dancers. She focuses on "dancing in the music" with appreciating Arabic culture.


She returned to her country the last of 2016 and has started her first Oriental dance classes from 2017. She shares her experiences and knowledge, what she has gained in many countries and introduces the call of Oriental dance. Also she makes an all-out effort to improve herself as a dancer and performer, and enhance her dance.

She is very thankful to...[Oriental Dance /Tabla and Fusion]

CANADA :Aziza of Montreal

EGYPT :Mahmoud Reda /Sahar Samara


FRANCE :Djamila Henni-Chebra /Kareem GaD /Mayodi

HUNGARY :Mercedes Nieto

USA :Anasma /Dalia Carella /Elena Lantini /Issam Houshan /Kaeshi Chai /Mohamed Shahin / Nourhan Sharif /Ranya Renée

and all professional dancers and instructors who I was taught by.

She is very thankful to...[Others]

FRANCE :Julie from Méthode Julie Schepens Barre au Sol /Tahia Cambet from O Tahiti Nui

USA :Marcelo Tessari from DeROSE Method /May Cacal from Polynesian Dance Production /Tunui Tally from Tunui Royal Polinesians /

JAPAN :Masters from Okinawa Traditional Dance /Masters from STOTT Pilates

and all professional dancers and instructors who I was taught by.

Major work in the past[Outside Japan]

QUEENS, NY :Group Performance as the member of Ranya Renée Company

NEW YORK, NY :Solo Performance at Ranya Renée's Annual Holiday Gala Show

NEW YORK, NY :Solo Performance at Dalia Carella Christmas Holiday Bash

NEW YORK, NY :Solo Performance at The Arab Dance Seminar by Karim Nagi

NEW YORK, NY :Solo Performance at Theatrical Bellydance Conference

NEW YORK, NY :Solo Performance at the restaurant

KAUAI, HI :Solo Performance at Kauai's Dreamtour Hafla feat. Aziza and Issam Houshan

MONTREAL, CA :Solo Performance at Aziza's Dreamcamp Hafla

PARIS, FR :Solo Performance at the restaurant

LUXEMBOURG, LU :Solo Performance at La Magie de l'Orient Festival

LUXEMBOURG, LU :Solo Performance at the restaurant

TOKYO :Solo Performance at Hanaiahuhu Charity Event

and more...